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Life, Love, and Online Dating by Judith Hill



Life, Love, and Online Dating

Is a review magazine dedicated to romance fiction really the right place to offer a treatise on online dating from the perspective of a sixty-year-old former romance author? Probably not. But thanks to the support and indulgence of one of my dearest friends (who just happens to be Affaire’s owner) here it is...

Looking for love has never been easy. Certainly not when you’re an awkward, acne-prone teenager, and not when you’re a clearer-skinned young adult starting out and seeking a spouse and life partner. But what happens when you had the fairy tale/happily-ever-after, and it turns out to be neither happy nor ever-after. Suddenly you’re out there looking again. Only this time with wrinkles and age spots and sagging parts you didn’t even realize could sag!

But, at least this time, you’ve got a lifetime’s accumulated wisdom, so it should be easier, right? Wrong. Because guess what? Beneath that “mature adult” veneer, you realize—to your horror and shock—Crap! You’re harboring THE SAME insecurities and self-doubts you had when you were sixteen or seventeen. Throw in what’s foreign territory to many older people—social media, dating apps, and online sites—and suddenly you’re in an...

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Imagine performed by Pentatonix



... ...

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Nashville Fun fun fun at Sandy Sullivan's A Weekend with the Authors

Everyone had a great time. 

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We had a blast at Sandy's

More great pictures from Sandy Sullivan's A Weekend with the Authors.

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More Awesome pictures from Sandy Sullivan's Weekend with the Authors

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