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More Luscious Tips from Dr. Charley

More ideas to spice up your life.  

Two wonderful suggestions to try now that spring is in the air. 


Today, get a little daring!

Enhance your senses by using a blindfold. Allow your body to absorb the delicate feel of your lover’s touch. Inhale their scent and notice how your body reacts to it. Explore their taste on your tongue. Listen to their voice as they whisper in your ear.  

Take a walk or sit outside and allow yourself to feel the elements around you. Notice how your body reacts to them.  Hold your arms out and feel the breeze against your skin. How it plays with your hair. How it brushes against you.  This is the start of your sensuality. Feeling everything around you, on you, against you.


I know, some of you are sitting there shaking your head at the first suggesting saying to yourself ... I am not using a blindfold. Okay, that 's fine. Just close your eyes, and do it that way.


You always close your eyes? Ha, then do it with your eyes open. Watch what your partner is doing and how they react to everything around...

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Cathy Glass Daddy's Little Princess

Cathy Glass Release Announcement
 DaddysLi.jpg (400×603)
Daddy's Little Princess

Daddy's Little Princess is out now in paperback, E-book and audio. Available from all major bookshops, supermarkets and online. 
I hope you enjoy it. 

Very best wishes 
Cathy Glass 

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Romfest 2014

Romfest Paparazzi Time!


We were there among the famous and awesome authors the romance community has to offer.

Romfest 2014 was co-sponsored by Trista Ann Michaels and Smoky Mountain Romance Writers. It was held at the Knoxville Airport Hilton in Alcoa, TN from March 19 through March 22. 

More details about Romfest 2014 will be in the May/June Affaire de Coeur magazine issue.

In the meantime, how many authors can you name and identify in our Romfest - The Movie  Part One and Romfest - The Movie Part Two?



Romfest - The Movie

Part One 



Romfest - The Movie

Part Two

Enjoy and see you next year at Romfest!

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Jodi Thomas Betting the Rainbow

               Soon to be released April 1,2014: Betting the Rainbow


          Jodi Thomas takes the reader back to small-town Harmony, Texas, in Betting the Rainbow, where love is closer than you think, maybe even next door.  

      Ronny finally returns to Harmony after a year of grieving her lost love. She bonds with her taciturn neighbor, Austin. While both are hesitant to take a risk on love, their feelings for each other grow stronger with each moment together. 

      Dusti Delaney asks Kieran O'Toole to teach her to play poker so she can win money for her sister’s nursing tuition. Kieran is willing, but he also wants to teach her that true love can wait for the right moment because he’s waited years for his chance with her.  

      After years, Reagan hopes Noah will get the rodeo out of his system and come home to her. When she finds out he betrayed her, can he earn back her once steadfast love?

      Ms. Thomas charms the reader once again with her sweet, warm touch at contemporary romance. The three...

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Sugar and Spice With the One You Love

 Doctor Charley loves helping people...all kinds of people. She wants everyone to have the wonderful chance to 

Live With Passion!

What's our Tip from Doctor Charley this week?



Use technology to enhance your love life. Send your sweetie three today. One nice. One naughty. And one Super Hot!


Are you game?  Tell us how your significant other responded to your pleasurable use of technology.

More Tips from Doctor Charley 

The good doctor comes with many qualifications to go along with her suggestions. 

Contact Information:

Dr. Charley Ferrer

Sex Therapist & Educator
TV/Radio Host & Producer
Award Winning Author

America’s Intimacy & BDSM Expert 


Contact information for Affaire de Coeur magazine:

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What's new on our pages

What’s new on our pages!!


To Live Again  by V L Edwards

Perfect Stranger  by Morgan K Wyatt

Bug Stuff … by Vicki Batman

Degrees of Wickedness by Joyce Humphrey Cares

NuWorld Tara’s Revenge by Laurie Fitzgerald


devlinsdareweb.jpg (175×275)


Recently Released: Want a great read from an awesome author? Award winning erotic author Sabrina York's Devlin's Dare has just been released.

Devlin’s Dare, Book Five of the Tryst Island Series
A No-Strings Fling Becomes Something For Which He Will Risk All

Devlin Fox has always been a player. A horny bee flitting from flower to flower. He has no idea why the sexy minx he meets on the way to Tryst Island affects him the way she does. Arousal—for her—hits him like a fist to the gut and he can’t stop thinking about her.

Devlin’s Dare by Sabrina York 


AgainsttheHeartweb.jpg (150×242)

 Against the Heart by Kat Martin is another book worth looking into. Just 99 cents at Amazon!

Some Women Find Trouble Wherever They Go. 
Some Are Lucky Enough To Find A Man Tough Enough To Handle It. 
When Meriwether Jones takes her four-year-old daughter and runs from trouble in L.A., that...
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Show Us Your Heart

Good morning,

We have a very busy month. To kick off World Cancer Awareness, we have a great contest going where everyone can help.

The Valentine Show Us Your Heart Contest

JohnValentineweb3.jpg (300×452)

Win a Cyber Date with actor/model John Antorino.

We are auctioning him off -- Sort of.

John Antorino and Affaire de Coeur have gotten together to help a young man who is fighting Colon Cancer. We are asking you to donate $10 to the Cody Sears Cancer Fund. (Cody has Colon Cancer -- Stage 3)

For every $10 donation you make, you get an extra "ticket" thrown in the pot and increase your chances of having a cyber date with John Antorino. All donations (excluding paypal fees) will go to Cody Sears. You can become one of Cody's Crusaders! Make sure you include your mailing address. Even if you don't want to win a cyber date with John, if you can help, please donate the Cody's Cancer Fund. We appreciate all the help we can get for this brave young warrior. Details for your chance to win a Skype/Facetime Cyber Date with John Antorino. 

Thank you!

More news at AdC:

Broken link...

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Win a Weekend Retreat in Maui, Hawaii!!




Lumeria Maui  
April 23 - 27, 2014
I am giving away a FREEwriting retreat to myweekend retreat in Maui, Hawaii!

Additional prizes include:

- A weekend workshop with the fabulous Pam Houston

- a Kindle Paperwhite 

- Copies of my memoirBeamish Boy

...will make a difference in this world with their writing, with their being?

I hope you will join me Feb 9-13 for "Writing as a Path to Awakening" at the amazing Esalen Institute for an extraordinary week of you discovering YOU - your full creative and spiritual potential!

CLICK HERE to register now - the best housing options are filling up!

See you on the Big Sur coast!

(If you can't make it this time, I hope you will post this event on Facebook AND forward this email to someone you love and believe in!)


Oh, and here's the VIDEO of my talk at TEDx Santa Cruz that finally got re-posted to my website. 

ENJOY!: (scroll down to the bottom)

With blessings and gratitude always, 



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Putting the Sizzle in Romance

Ignite the Passion


It's easy to say you have a successful relationship when you have no children and have been married for 3 years. I have heard many, whom I would consider newlyweds, who have given advice on how to keep a marriage solid, how to keep the spark going. 

Please, ask someone's advice who has been married, with or without children, for at least ten years before you start listening to someone who has only been together a few years. Honestly, they may have had a few rough spots in their relationship but that is only the beginning. You have a looooooonnnnnnngggggg road ahead of you before you can claim success.

It takes work, innovation, imagination, and persistence, and just plain stubbornness, and hope, and faith, and so many other things that go along with never giving up. Now granted, there are some things that just are not acceptable in a marriage, that doesn't make a good successful relationship, but that is not where we are going today. 


Tips from Doctor Charley

Love starts with you. Write down ten things you love about yourself and why. Then share it with someone you know.

To continue with this...

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Happy Holidays to You!

From the Staff at Affaire de Coeur Book Review Magazine
We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.
As a gift to you, we are giving away the Nov/Dec pdf issue to anyone who is interested. Please go to the front page, click on the stocking to receive your free gift. 
Last minute gift suggestions for you:
BOOTS UNDER HER BED by Jodi Thomas, NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author and authors Jo Goodman, Alison Kent and Kaki Warner have an anthology about rugged men of the West and the women who want them. 

Release date: January 7, 2014 


HAVEN BY Celia Breslin



There are many other books on our pages that will give you great ideas as last minute gifts. Don't forget to comment on our blog and get a chance to win free books!
Thank you for being a part of the AdC family
Happy Holidays to You!!

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